Day 13 What is your earliest memory

I have a memory of the day my little brother was born and I was walked into the hospital room where my mom was laying in the bed with my brother (A little blue bundle) on her chest. I remember distinctly that I was wearing a baggy white tshirt and I was led in by my father and my papa (uncle bill) and I remember Screaming bloody fucking murder, though I don't know if it was the sight of my mom with another child or the sight of my mom in a hospital bed.

Whether this is truly my earliest memory I have no idea. I assume that it is because I'm quite certain in any of my other early memories my brother was already born, if only an infant.

Day 12. What's in your fridge?

A lot!

Several yoplait yogurt cups that belong to my roommate.
Vanilla Chobani yogurt that's mine.
2% Milk
a whole foil pan full of stuffed shells made by my step-sister-in-law
another (larger) foil pan of homemade rolls from my mother-in-law
an entire large thin crust cheese pizza from pizza hut.
several lipton green tea (roomates)
a bag of granny smith apples
Kraft Singles
Fruit punch
blueberry lemonade
lunchmeat (probably ham)
colby jack cheese
ranch dressing
mayo with olive oil
my dad's key lime pie with his special raspberry topping
reddi whip
container of extra raspberry topping
bleu cheese dressing
french's mustard
Sweet baby ray's barbeque sauce
Peach preserves
Dandelion jelly
Strawberry jam
my roommates nicquid for his e-cigarette
Brita pitcher full of water
Thawed hamburger meat that I need to cook tomorrow
a thawing roast
leftover pot roast.
Two jars of home canned peaches from my mother-in-law

In the freezer part:
Half a bag of chicken strips
unopened back of chicken nuggets (tyson)
one and a half bags of seasoned ore ida crinkles
Peach Pie frozen yogurt
Pomegranate tart frozen yogurt
Barbecue chicken lean pockets
voila dinner
turkey sub lean pockets
some chicken lean cuisine meal
a handful of healthy choice meals that belong to my roommate
two ice trays
an ice pack for lunch bags
frozen vaccuumed sealed corn
frozen vaccuum sealed blueberries
like four frozen pizzas

IM BACK. Day 11 - List 15 of your favorite things

1. Raindrops on roses
2. Whiskers on kittens
3. Bright copper kettles
4. Warm woolen mittens

These are a few of my favorite things.

Ahem. Ok For real this time.

1. Books. This term is broad and perhaps a bit more vague than this survey was looking for. Don't care. books books books.
2. Hugs. I LOVE hugs. More than anything physical, hugs are amazing.
3. Harry Potter. Good god Harry Potter.
4. Journaling. Even though I fucking fail at keeping up with it, I love doing it.
5. Cats. Particularly my cats.
6. Typing. I love the sound of typing and I love that I can type fast. (I'm picky about keyboards because I need to have one that sounds pleasantly like typing to me. Seriously guys it's weird.)
7. Journals. No. This is not the same as Journaling. Seriously I have a severe journal problem. I have a zillion journals, some that I've written on the first page, some are totally blank. Each one has a different "purpose" for me but no matter how many I have I WILL. ALWAYS. WANT MORE. especially if the cover is pretty.
8. Calligraphy. it breaks my heart that schools aren't teaching cursive anymore.I love handwriting in general. it's so expressive and calligraphy is so beautiful. I even just love writing with calligraphy pens.
9. My friends. No seriously my friends are THE BEST.
10. Coffee and/or Hot tea. faklsdjfasdf
11. Winnie The Pooh.
12. Disney movies #canthelpit
13. Road trips. People think I'm crazy because I kinda like to ride greyhound. It's like a road trip (ok so there's sometimes some creeps, and annoying things can happen. But I've never had a super super negative experience and I've enjoyed the scenic route.)
14. Cooking. particularly with my Hagatha. And particularly while wearing adorable stepford style aprons.
15. Giving people presents. Seriously I love it. In a stupidly selfish way.

Day 10, What is your best physical feature?

Oh lawdy. This is not an easy question to answer.

I suppose my best physical feature is a matter of perspective.

I'm sure my most notable is my boobs. I've gotten noticed for them since they came in, and I noticed that and immediately played to that like it was a strength. I don't think it's not, I'm proud of them, but I just don't think they're really my BEST feature.

Personally, I like my lips. I think that they're the perfect size to pull off dramatic lipstick, and are nice and plump without looking like they're fake.

I also have a nice head for hats of just about any kind and I get compliments about my hair a lot. But I hate my hair. Yeah.

I also resisted posting this for so long because I'm in a funk of self-doubt and don't actually think any of my features are my best feature. Blah.

Day 8. Catch up because I'm bad at keeping up with these. What's In Your Handbag?

Well. I have a backpack instead of a handbag since I'm in college and it's easier to tote around textbooks and notebooks in a backpack. In my backpack currently

- Wallet
- Pack of Cloves
- Neuroscience textbook.
- Neuroscience notebook.
- Clipboard/legal pad
- three pilot pens.
- Ibuprofen
- Orange highlighter
- Birth control
- Hound of the Baskervills
- Loose Change
- Index Cards
- Spare tampons
- 'All About Me' Book.

Day 7. Your Pet Hates

I hate a good deal of things. Especially being a retail worker.

- Teenagers - rather stupid spoiled brat teenagers.
- Parents who don't think they need to discipline their child (addendum, parents who get mad at retail workers for telling their undisciplined child they can't do something.)
- Rich people who think they're better than everyone because they're rich
- The way the above people treat retail workers like they're lower than them and like they're stupid for working an entry level job.
- Stupid people. No excuse.
- Moths.
- People who refuse to respect the opinions of others, even if their opinion is "wrong". Don't be a dick, guys, come on.
- Hypocrites.
- Finding out that my cat peed on something I'm wearing AFTER I've left the house and can't change.
- Having to sell discount cards at work and the fact that my hours and pay depend on it rather than my knowledge/passion for books.
- When people ask stupid redundant questions (ie. 'here's your sign' type questions)
- When people come into the store for meetings and think that gives them license to make demands of the store (Even though they don't pay to be there)
- "feminists" who think Feminist means hating men and/or makes hating men okay. Ever.

I'm sure there's more. But those are the main few.

Day 6. My Five Senses right now.

1) Sight : Cluttery computer desk, bulletin board, modem, and file thingy mounted to the wall, back door.

2) Smell: General my-house smell. Might light some candles. Can't find my nag champa D:

3) Taste: Vanilla Honey Greek Yogurt

4) Hear : Lakme

5) Touch: Keyboard and clothes, also the chair I'm sitting in.

Day 5: 10 Songs you love right now.

Oh god. I love songs. Ok. There is no hierarchy to these songs, they are in no particular order whatsoever. They are just ten songs I love right now. I'll youtube you to them as well.

1) The Killing Type - Amanda Palmer
I love the video, and I'm recently re-vamping my love for AFP.

2) Mordred's Lullaby - Heather Dale

3) Stand Up - Flobots

4) Same Love - Macklemore

5) Get Lucky - Daft Punk

6) This kid's version of Sexy and I Know It

7) Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye
don't you judge me

8) You Enjoy Myself - Phish

9) Lakme (The Flower Duet)

10) All the Pogo things

Day 4: What are you afraid of?

Ooh lots of things.

Conflict (this also manifests as being petrified that anyone might possibly get mad at me because that causes uncomfortable conflict and I'm awkward. Beh.), Rejection, Moths, Spiders, Lice (ok parasitic bugs in general. Ick.), Bees/wasps/hornets/yellow jackets, and failure, to name a few that come immediately to mind.

I....kind of thought this post was going to be a little more like, philosophical but it's just not coming to me. I'm supposed to be reading...and taking notes but my poor brain is just pooped from playing catch-up so much because as much as I love school, I'm a really terrible student after the first week or two. Crap.